Once again we had the pleasure of working side by side with Daniel Juncadella (Mercedes-Benz DTM professional driver and Mercedes F1 test driver) for an important race meeting.

Daniel Juncadella training with simtechpro

This time, it was the same discipline he already won a few years back. We are talking about Formula 3, where Dani won the championship (F3 Euroseries) in 2012, and had a prestigious victory at Macau Grand Prix in 2011.

Let’s talk a bit about this race. Macau, held at the end of the season, brings together the best drivers from various F3 championships and is considered the “grand finale”. This year, Dani -even though is not racing F3 anymore-  has been invited to the race to  compete once again.

As it did in the past, Dani wanted agin to train with our simulator to prepare this race mainly for two reasons. The first, has not done any kilometer in F3 this year, and two, Macau street circuit is a very difficult track and where drivers are not allowed to practice. So in this case simulator training becomes crucial for the right preparation and circuit refreshment.

The simulator that we offered to train Dani was the Simpro 527 which carries  professional simulator components alongside a 5 surround screen system for maximum immersion and a greater sense of speed.

After adjusting the hardware to Dani needs (seat position, height and depth of the steering wheel position, pedals, etc…), we made a first round of adjustment, after we got some feedback from the driver and the telemetric system (Motec). Once we found a good setup Dani spent some time doing long runs to accumulate the maximum possible kilometers.

Daniel Juncadella Macau race training with Motec Telemetry

Round after round the driver could see all the telemetry data and analyze the keys points of improvement, and if needed make some adjustment in the set-up of the car along with two engineers from simtechpro.

After about 4 hours of training, Dani made a race against some other opponents (artificial intelligence), to also practice racing with heavy traffic, given that Macau circuit is a very narrow path, and together with the large number of cars the track get very dangerous. You can easily collide with an opponent or against the circuit fences.

Now we can only wish him all the possible luck for the race, and hope that the work done in the simulator gives him the same results he got in 2011. We will soon update you with the race results.

Daniel Juncadella Macau race preparation