Say hello to the highest performance beast we have built to date. Both, electronics and audiovisual components go above the line, matching perfectly onboard our modular aluminum SIMBASE MOTION structure.

This professional driving simulator its mainly aimed for professional drivers and high end simracers who need some extra features and feelings.  Let’s talk about the new features of this simulator in more detail. In this case will not go into a full review but soon in depth articles will fall gradually into our blog by testing specific products of different brands we work and collaborate with.


– Modular Structure: Anodized Aluminum
– Dimensions of 2200mm x 1700mm wide (structure 1100, 1700 width screens).

Movement System

The movement we work with is currently Simexperience. Having tested several systems and several brands and even made one of our own, we concluded that the price-performance ratio Simexperience has to offer is high reliable. We trust on this product for our simulators and those of our customers.

Wheel drive

The engine wheel chosen is that of a Thrustmaster T-500, in this case it is a high performance gaming component, but it does wonders. One of the things we dislike about this wheel are gearshift paddles, so we opted to remove and install an add-on TM Leather Wheel GT 28, which already have integrated cams, leather finish and a larger number of buttons to allocate any adjustment. To complete this part of the cockpit we have installed three components of the SRH mark.



The dashboard has lots of buttons, pressure switches, safety switches and rotary encoders, that allows the pilot absolutely adjust different driving features.We have also mounted a easy to see huge gear indicator which blinks when it reaches top revolutions enabling us to always work with the right gear.


Multi info display

And finally a display consisting of a series of LED lights that give us different outputs and can be set up in a number of different combinations. This display also consists of 3 screens, two of which are configurable where we can see the speed of the car, the fuel, lap time, position in the race and many other options. .


One of the components that highlights this simulator are the pedals. 100% of all professional driver who we have worked with agree that the feel of the pedals is one of the most important aspects of any simulator. We have equipped this model with a spectacular set of pedals from the Italian manufacturer ARC Team. Its endless options position, angulation, tours … and especially the brake feel, where we can apply to up to 90kg of weight make this component very close to the pedals a professional drivers will find in their racing cars.


Shifter and Hand Brake

Finally, we have equipped the simulator module consisting of sequential shifter and handbrake with hydraulic system, with this we can meet the needs of any driver in any category, either circuit, rally, drift …


Computer & Visual

The computer system and audio-visual part, especially the visual, where we have given too much importance. For the first time in Simtechpro we have equipped a simulator with five screens, here are 5 monitors Samsung LED Curved 27 “, getting a panoramic view of 180 degrees. The immersion we get with this system is total multipliying the sense of speed.

To have enough power to feed these five monitors we have installed a high-performance PC.